About Us

About Us

First, there is no "us". It is just me , Donna Halloran and I enlist the help of family members as needed. I have worked in the textile industry my entire adult life in just about every area from Merchandising, Design, QC, Production, Materials Management, Sourcing and in every division from apparel, home furnishings, hospitality to institutional. I don't know where textiles end and I begin. I appreciate anything natural, handcrafted and saturated with color.

As I was approaching age 40, I started to evaluate the trajectory on which my career was and came to the realization that I wanted off of the corporate habitrail. I decided to take a huge monetary risk and join forces with a couple of pioneers in furniture manufacturing who used ingredients that are natural, non-toxic, organic and are sourced with respect for purity of ingredients and fair treatment of the workers. What a great experience! We made upholstered furniture, mattresses and bedding accessories that are healthful, comfortable, beautiful and functional. I was blessed to be able to meet so many wonderful people who needed our product, supplied our materials and inspired me with their wisdom. From there, there was no turning back. I'm broke AND happy now!

Green? Eco? Sustainable? These words are way too nebulous and elastic for me. Perfect, I'm not. Every choice involves a compromise and I have to compromise with every decision that I make. I have chosen to work with artisans from all around the world who still utilize pure and ancient techniques for dyeing and weaving fabrics. All decorative covers use natural or low impact dyes and many are woven on handlooms. All embroidery is hand embroidered. All artisans are paid fair wages. The carbon footprint isn't low, but where in the States can I find such artisanal textiles without paying a fortune?

What I am offering you is high quality natural and pesticide-free textiles that shouldn't offend your sense of beauty, function, and compassion. This offering is just a humble attempt to share my passion and values