DIY Network Spruce Up for Spring March 2016
Hand stamped hemp pillow covers
Decorating Small Spaces- 2015
Cheeky Ikat Sunshine fabric on body pillow- page 59.
Home Accents Today - April 2014
"Color Wheel" by Tracy Bulla in Home Accents Today - April 2014 - Page 105
Los Angeles Times - May 07, 2013
L.A. at Home
Design, Architecture, Gardens, Southern California Living
Studio City traditional gets some Hollywood glamour
The Zoe Report - 8-26-2010
Add some additional color by adorning your space with a patterned pillow or two—I LOVE Fabricadabra’s Ikat Pillow Covers
Urban Flea - 6-1-10
Donna Halloran is not a company or a workshop; she's simply one remarkable woman on a mission to bring people gorgeous textiles where the workers and artisans are treated fairly, and the fabric is beyond magical.
Style Carrot Blog- 5/4/2010
By now most of you avid blog readers and lovers of home decor are well-acquainted with Fabricadabra’s fantastic (and wonderfully priced – just $40) ikat pillows.
Odi et Amo blog - 4-22-2010
"This week's great shopping tips come from Lauren, who runs the Houston-based arm of the multi-city blog Material Girls."
Real Simple Blog 3-29-2010
Fabricadabra! Your room can be transformed in minutes with magical pillows from this very special web shop. Fabricadabra is based in Massachusetts and owned by Donna Halloran who has the best eye for prints and patterns.
Adventures in Dressmaking - 3/11/2010
See what Suzannah had to say about Ikat and Fabricadabra!
Rachael Ray Feb 2010
Here we are in Everyday with Rachael Ray!
STUFF magazine
See us in STUFF magazine
NBC Weekend Today AM - Best Kept Secrets: Hottest Holiday Gifts
View the video of our LOVE pillow on the NBC Weekend Today AM segment called Best Kept Secrets: Hottest Holiday Gifts
Beautiful Living Blog - 11/18/2009
First of all, I have to say that I'm BLOWN away by the amazing feedback I got on my living room update yesterday!! I think I grew about 5 inches!! Lol!!
Made By Girl 11/6/2009
Fabricadabra, run by Donna Halloran, is now one of my favorite shops for throw cushions! The variety & the quality of the covers are fabulous! I am so happy with the Ikat covers I chose for my white french provincial sofa, looks great
In Style November 2009 Issue
see us in the Best Of The Web article in the November issue of In Style
Martha Stewart LIVING September issue
Here is one of our covers on the green chair. This can be found in the September issue of Martha Stewart LIVING
Design Evolution - 8/31/09
It's no secret that I love a great throw pillow so when a company is able to take that pillow and make it a fun, non-toxic, ethically sourced and affordable product I'm on board. Fabricadabra creates and sells decorative pillow inserts that are filled with kapok and have an organic cotton shell.......
The Estate Of Things - 8/20/09
This lovely site came through on the Teot Contact form today and the name immediately grabbed me FABRICADABRA….. so I went to the site and these throw pillows grabbed me as well......
Home Accents Today 8/1/09
The color yellow Edited by Tracy Bulla -- Home Accents Today, 8/1/2009 listed this cover.....
Los Angeles Times - 7/21/09
One of the enduring icons of mid-1960s Pop Art, Robert Indiana's "LOVE" design has been used for Christmas cards, public sculptures, paperweights and postage stamps.......
The Deco Detective - 7/9/09
A little bird whispered into my ear about a company called Fabricadabra... - 5/28/09
Cute, cute, cute. Donna Halloran of Fabricadabra makes decorative pillow covers that use all natural and non-toxic dyes and fabrics, most of which are handwoven. We were browsing through her site when we came across these Toddler Pillows. Made of certified organic cotton with 100% bamboo fabric underlining...... - 4/7/09
The brainchild of a veteran of the textiles industry, Fabricadabra offers decorative pillows that are made from natural fibers using natural or low impact dyes. From stunning handwoven Ikats to soft and chic organic cottons and beyond, these are pillows you can feel good about snuggling up to! Fabricadabra....
Once upon a tea time blog - 3/29/09
I received an email from Donna Halloran of Fabricadabra, a company here in the United States that "makes and sells decorative pillow inserts that are filled with kapok and have an organic cotton shell." A healthier option for you as kapok "is mold, mildew and dust mite resistant....... 3/23/09
After 15 years working in home furnishings, Donna Halloran left her corporate career behind. Taking valuable insight from her experiences, she created the ethically and environmentally sound plan for Fabricadabra, an up-and-coming line of decorative pillow covers and inserts...... - 3/23/09
Donna from Fabricadabra sent over these beautiful decorative pillow inserts and covers filled and made from only natural, non-toxic fiber filling, organic cotton shells and fabrics.....
Green Your Decor - 2/26/09
I’ve said before that throw pillows are a great, inexpensive way to “redecorate” your home once you’re tired of a certain look. for example, my husband i have a large red sectional sofa in storage that we’ve had for several years. although the sectional is no longer my taste, with my lofty green ideals, it would be hard to justify replacing it just because i’m tired of the way it looks......
Daily Candy - 2/25/09
there’s no denying Donna Halloran has a few tricks up her sleeve: Fabricadabra, her line of vibrant pillows, can single-handedly transform a space in the blink of an eye......
Katiedid's blog - 2/11/09
"I was recently introduced to a fabulous pillow company called Fabricadabra, and this pillow says it all" The most important thing to give for Valentine's Day is, of course, LOVE....
Elements of Style blog - 2/2/09
The overall feeling these days is anything but bright- with the weather chilly and grey (at least where I am), the economy in utter shambles and our favorite magazines closing it's nice to see a ray of light in the forecast- yellow.....
The Alternative Consumer - 1/31/09
Get off the big box merry-go-round and buy quality, handmade and thoughtful products from real people and artisans like designer and creative dynamo, Donna Halloran. Donna, who’s always loved fabric, sells beautiful removable pillow covers and shells with kapok filling at her one-woman webstore, Fabricadabra.......
Elements of style blog - 12/17/08
received an e-mail from a wonderful business owner Donna alerting me to her company Fabricadabra, which makes AMAZING ikat pillow covers.....